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TedxLA: Imagine TedxLA: Imagine TedxLA: Imagine

TedxLA: Imagine

Brand Identity

Tedx is an extension of the TedTalks brand where independent organizers who want to create a TED-like event in their own community can do so. TedxLA’s organizer, Amir Alexandre Banifatemi, conceptualized the overall theme of IMAGINE for the event; Imagine if we could allow each speaker and performer to bring people together and allow them to visualize an “imagined future”. The event takes place on December 3rd, 2016, with two-week lead-up of activations scheduled throughout Los Angeles.

With the overall theme of IMAGINE defined, Amir and his team came to MVC to create a unique identity that embodies what it means to imagine: to innovate; to work together; to lead; to actuate. The purpose was to not only create something that defines the event but also can stand alone and be leveraged for future events detached from Tedx.

Understanding that the theme was pre-defined and the overall direction was in-line with the TedTalks brand, our creative team began with typographic wordmark variations that depicted a sense of creativity, modernity, and distinction. The final versions ended up being an abstract acronym of the word imagine (IM/GN) and a modern take on the word imagine . We then created web banner ads and a name badge with three questions designed to intrigue and engage attendees.

Brand Identity Design
Tagline Creation