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Brand Development

Persol Italy is one of the leaders in the world of luxury eyewear, invoking class and elegance for more than 90 years. By the time they had come to us, Persol was already highly successful in the European markets, but was looking to create a stronger brand identity in the U.S. that expressed the quality and craftsmanship of their products.

The existing brand identity for Persol was out of date for both brands, so we set out to reposition both companies as a part of the higher echelon of eyewear here in the States. As such, we developed a campaign that presented and defined Persol’s products as handcrafted works of art. The attention to detail that was inherent in the product itself became a focus of the print campaign. Playing on the artisanal reputation of European manufacturing, detailed shots of the products were used to evoke both fine craftsmanship and luxury automotive design. The tone and feel of the work impressed upon the target audience that Persol eyewear is engineered for both style and substance.