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Marathon Mango Marathon Mango Marathon Mango Marathon Mango Marathon Mango Marathon Mango

Marathon Mango

Corporate Rebrand

Marathon Mangos is the largest importer of Mexican mangos in the U.S. with virtually no brand presence outside the industry. The produce industry, like many others, is one that is highly competitive with a few key players that have established consumer facing brands (e.g. Cuties, Sunkist, Chiquita) and Marathon Mango was looking to join the ranks. To do so, Marathon needed to modernize its identity, build its digital and web presence, and come up with a cohesive brand message.

The first step in the rebrand was to modernize the iconic Marathon brand identity: cleaning up and streamlining the details the iconic Running Man and passionate color palette. Inspired not only by their icon but also by their careful picking and distribution practices, we solidified their position as the healthiest and best tasting mangos in the market through its “Best in the Long Run” tagline. Once the global rebrand was fully defined and implemented, the next step was to design and develop a fully responsive website with impactful lifestyle photography (created by MVC). MVC then created and developed an integrated social media strategy that included content creation, channel optimization, targeted ads, and day-to-day engagements.

Turned a commodity into a brand with 700% growth in social and consumer awareness


Brand Strategy
Brand Identity Redesign
Website Design & Development
Social Media Management
Collateral Design
Trade Show