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Go Greek Yogurt

Corporate Rebrand

Go Greek Yogurt is an authentic Greek yogurt bar that began in Beverly Hills, CA, and promotes the healthful lifestyle and diet of Mediterranean culture. Although Go Greek maintains high-quality standards for its products, the recently established brand has been experiencing difficulty connecting with their target audience, as the brand’s presentation and perception was heavily product based and had a mid-western aesthetic, which did not coincide with its prestigious location (Beverly Hills, CA) and target demographics.


Global Brand Redesign 
To create a brand identity that positions Go Greek Yogurt as more than just a quick-serve yogurt or fro-yo cafe, we decided to support the name with a strong qualifying statement: Authentic Yogurteria. Moreover, we made refinements to the logo, giving it a modern yet timeless appeal with a unique type-face and subtle mediterranean influences. We took the same approach with the redesign of the website, which is focused on building a unique brand and customer experience with high-end imagery and a simple and user-friendly interface. Furthermore, we have designed all of the in-store brand and point-of-sale collateral, including the primary menu board, take-out menu, and wall collage.

Ongoing Marketing and Advertising
Once the global rebrand was fully executed and implemented, Go Greek Yogurt called upon MVC to handle all of its touchpoint marketing and advertising. We have completely overhauled all of their social media channels with highly-strategic and high-quality content (copy and imagery), focusing on engaging and connecting with the primary target markets.

500% Growth in 3 Years

Brand Strategy
Brand Identity Redesign
Website Redesign
In-store Redesign
Social Media
Ongoing Brand Consultation