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MVC Unveils New Brand Identity for Peters Realty Group

  • By admin

Peters Realty Group (PRG) is a real estate brokerage firm that deals in high profile commercial and residential real estate. The company was founded by Marv Peters in 2013 with a strong focus on delivering real-time results. Marv and his firm have been able to move a high volume of properties in one of the most competitive markets in the United States, the greater Los Angeles area.

Peters’ background in real estate brokerage over the years gave his company the experience and connections to succeed, but as a young company, PRG needed a high end brand identity to reflect their credentials. PRG enlisted the help of MVC to create the brand identity and stationery, but the project expanded to include direct marketing in print and email.

The process for developing the brand included working with the initials PRG and the symbolism of a lion’s bust, which brought the whole project together. The lion symbolically encompasses the strength, power, and ferocity of the PRG brand and is depicted holding a key in its mouth, which ties into the real estate theme and symbolizes the power to open and close deals on properties. Peters carries with him a very serious and professional attitude, but he’s also young and stylish. This idea played out through the different branding pieces, including both the typographical treatment and logo.

“The general consensus at PRG is that our branding looks very upscale and professional. I personally find it to be quite attractive,” concluded PRG founder Marv Peters.

The high end brand identity has positioned PRG as a top player in the real estate business and they have the results to back it up. They recently sold a landmark property with a restaurant on Venice Blvd.

“PRG is a unique model with unique values,” explains MVC Creative Director Jason Pires, “They needed a highly memorable brand identity to help them stand out in the real estate market. To make that possible, we developed a sophisticated creative solution for an age old concept.”