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MVC Launches New Website

Los Angeles Creative Agency MVC Launches New Website

A State-of-the-Art Brand Experience through MetaForm Design Technology

MVC Launches New Site featuring MetaForm DesignMVC Agency, a boutique branding, marketing and advertising agency, has launched its new website,, leveraging a state-of-the-art development in web technology called MetaForm Design. MVC’s website fluidly adapts to any platform and device resolution, from desktops to tablets to smart phones.

While desktop users can enjoy a full-screen experience that optimally showcases the branding agency’s visually rich creative work, mobile users are able to enjoy the same exact content simply adapted to the resolution of their device.

“We had been conceptualizing our new web presence for some time, looking very deeply at the best ways to showcase our work and uniquely expressing who we are as an agency,” said Jason Pires, Creative Director and Founder of MVC Agency. “We preach to our clients about staying current and being unique and we want to live by that motto ourselves. We have created a platform that maintains the integrity of our content and imagery on all types of devices, anytime, anywhere, and all on one platform – it’s truly groundbreaking,” added Pires.

The responsive design format was a result of the agency’s desire to create an experience that makes full use of any device’s screen resolution while offering a cutting-edge and organic user experience that is highly unique in the market.

“We don’t like to do what anyone else has done. Our thinking and work is so different from other agencies that we needed a totally new solution to capture the essence of who we are and our unique position in the market. We look forward to finding new ways to make this work for our clients now. It’s the way of the future for websites,” concluded Pires.

MVC Agency, established in 1998, is a boutique branding and advertising agency. Based in Los Angeles, California, MVC is a multi-cultural agency offering a global perspective for lifestyle-oriented brands in industries including fashion, cosmetics, entertainment and home décor. MVC creates campaigns for English, Spanish and Portuguese speaking markets.

For more information, visit the company’s website at, call (866) 962-3339 or email

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