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Los Angeles Web Design Agency MVC creates website for Youngblood Cosmetics

Los Angeles Web Design Agency

Los Angeles Web Design Agency MVC creates website for Youngblood Cosmetics

Los Angeles web design agency MVC created a gorgeous new website for the Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics company. MVC has earned a great name and reputation for the quality of its web design work and the results that those websites generate for MVC clients. For years Youngblood had needed to update their online presence with a much more user-friendly and responsive web design. So they hired the Los Angeles web agency company and branding studio.

Original Youngblood homepage.

It was clear to MVC that they needed to develop a site that conveyed the same attributes that make Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics unique and luxurious. Youngblood offers its customers the finest cosmetics to satisfy consumers who have the highest standards when it comes to beauty and health products. The company has developed a name for itself within the beauty industry, and they have a passionately loyal client database. So MVC collaborated with Youngblood for about two years, upgrading the original website to bring it more in line with the upscale status and contemporary image of Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics.

Los Angeles Web Design Agency

Redesigned product page.

The Los Angeles web design agency still believed, however, that Youngblood would benefit from a completely new and different online presence that would continue to make it a sustainable and scalable brand for the foreseeable future. The team at MVC suggested that they come up with a new look, feel, navigational experience, and interactive way for Youngblood to engage with its customers and position itself as decidedly more leading edge, modern, and relevant. MVC gave the site a new e-commerce platform, enhanced its SEO tools, and incorporated an innovative concierge system. The concierge concept helps customers understand their unique skin profile and match products based on  skin type, color preferences and specific attributes like purely vegan options.

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MVC has a tremendous amount of experience with everything from package design agency and logo creation innovations to developing web presence and reinventing brands that have lost their luster and need a new image. There is not another Los Angeles web design agency with MVC’s diverse portfolio and track record of results, and the successful debut of Youngblood’s newly reenergized online presence proved how valuable the partnership with MVC was.

When the new website was rolled out and went active, for example, Youngblood did not see any slowdown in sales. That’s notable because many times when a company transfers its online presence from an older to a newer one there is a lag time as web traffic falls off and only later catches back up again. MVC was mindful of that fact, however, and ensured a flawless transition.

The Concierge service provides both education and product recommendations for any skin type.

Meanwhile within less than one year Youngblood’s site enjoyed an increase in visitor traffic of 30% and the company recorded a 20% rise in sales volume. What was also interesting to observe was that many of MVC’s competitors – other package design agency and website development companies and Los Angeles advertising agencies – started copying MVC’s concept. Now many brands use the concierge system idea that MVC implemented for Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics in their own online marketing strategies.




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