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MVC is a Los Angeles Branding Agency Providing Services to Startup Professional Firms as Well as World Class High End Brands

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The MVC Agency has established itself over the years as a brand development firm with the potential to create world class collateral to resonate with discriminating consumers of high end brand products and services. One of the clients served by MVC is the renowned Global Furniture, a company founded more than a decade ago with a forward-thinking concept and vision. Global Furniture provides a rich, broad inventory selection of contemporary styles that are sold at refreshingly competitive prices. They have built a great name for themselves thanks to extraordinary customer service including prompt, secure deliveries and outstanding support after the point of sale. In fact, Global Furniture has risen in stature to become one of the premiere importers of fine home furnishings in the United States. Today it boasts a loyal customer base of more than a thousand retailers across the country. So when Global Furniture needed a brand development company capable of insuring world class treatment of high end brands it selected MVC.

The Los Angeles branding agency and corporate identity designer has long been a top brand agency in Los Angeles and has a growing reputation as a global corporate branding agency that recently won two international awards. When their collaborative relationship began, Global Furniture wanted to create a new brand identity for an innovative line of furniture it was ready to unveil to the world. Unlike many of its competitors who were busy trying to capture their market share by producing super modern pieces and lines, Global Furniture wanted to seamlessly integrate traditional or more classical styling into a unique contemporary line that would appeal to the mainstream consumer.

MVC quickly saw the project as not only a creative opportunity but also a market challenge. That’s because Global Furniture was in the midst of an industry experiencing unprecedented market saturation. The mass market for furniture products and accessories has grown exponentially within the last several years, and Americans have so many choices that it is hard for a single furniture manufacturer or designer to distinguish itself from the crowd. Global Furniture knew that it could leverage its own history and experience, but it needed a branding identity studio with the vision and talent of MVC to help it clearly define that new brand image and give the logo and other vital components of the brand a more vibrant and expressive look, feel, and tone.

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MVC is a Los Angeles branding agency, identity studio, and design firm. If you need a corporate identity designer or corporate branding agency to promote your company – or you want a Los Angeles branding agency to provide identity studio and design services elsewhere – MVC is the right choice.

Through a multipronged approach that included everything from visual design to email marketing campaigns and gorgeous printed materials, MVC led Global Furniture through its process and ensured that it emerged newly energized and distinctly memorable. Everything about the new brand attracted magnetic attention to the new line, catapulting Global Furniture ahead of the pack despite the obstacles it has originally faced before contracting with MVC.

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