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Los Angeles Logo Designer Wins Summit International Award

Los Angeles logo design company MVC recently created a comprehensive and groundbreaking redefining of the Emani natural cosmetics line and positioned it as a highly successful, status quo disruptive innovator in its industry. The campaign was so extraordinary that it caught the attention of the Summit International Awards, and earned an international bronze award for the logo designer. Los Angeles-based MVC was hired by Emani because the company was lacking a powerful brand message to set them apart in an overly saturated market. In order to help the company break out in a bold new way, creative design agency MVC actually came up with a whole new branding language.

Emani and the creative  Los Angeles logo design team at MVC both saw an opportunity to educate and illuminate the market about the benefits of natural cosmetics as well as the harmful ingredients found in other products consumers were accustomed to buying using. Emani invited the creative design agency and its Los Angeles logo design team to develop a compelling brand identity that would give rich meaning to their name and define their unique niche in the market in a vibrantly interactive, value-adding manner.

MVC took a methodically creative approach, starting with establishing brand values and positioning to build a platform for Emani to educate consumers about their line. Competitors were using trendy terms like “minerals” and “vegan” to describe their product category, and MVC felt that Emani needed to do something more daring and dramatic, to break out of that kind of language that had started out new and different but had eventually become rather commonplace and pedestrian. So the agency brainstormed and came up with a whole new  dared category in cosmetics and skincare called “natural emanates”, cleverly derived from the brand name, Emani. By leveraging this vision and idea the essence of the brand began to position itself as the only one of its kind within the crowded industry, and consumers noticed and responded.

A multifaceted approach that encompassed research and strategic development, brand redevelopment and design, brand positioning, category development, and a uniquely creative approach to copywriting was undertaken by the ad agency. The outcome was so powerful that it helped MVC win the recognition of its peers throughout the global advertising industry, and MVC’s Emani Cosmetics campaign won a very prestigious award – one of two that the Los Angeles design studio and branding firm took home that year.

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Los Angeles is not far from the home of Emani Cosmetics, so the company had considered many of the top Los Angeles advertising agencies. Choosing the right ad agency in Los Angles can be a daunting task. Out of thousands of Los Angeles advertising agencies which is the right logo designer – Los Angeles is, after all, home to many of the best. But MVC appealed to Emani because of its tendency to think differently as an ad agency Los Angeles loves and a boutique logo designer Los Angeles companies rely on for results. In the end the MVC ad agency Los Angeles calls its own garnered attention worldwide, and Emani triumphed in its marketing strategy.