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Jason Pires and Marioly Molina
Jason A. Pires & Marioly M. Molina

Founded in 1998 by then designer Jason Pires, MVC was originally called Modern Visual Communication. Jason Pires’ original vision was based on creating a business that would allow him to fully express his creative talents and vision. Starting as a multi-media design firm MVC was built to unbound by medium, and to use the full force of technology to creative modern, truly relevant and progressive work across any platform.

Core Team

Jason A. Pires

Jason Pires was born in Texas to a Brazilian father and Spanish/Italian mother. He spent much of his childhood in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, before moving to Dallas and subsequently to California. Not quite Brazilian and not quite American, Jason is innately unique. Without a defined place, Jason has embraced his individuality and allowed it to fuel his creative side. He attended the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena where he focused on design and multimedia, along with studying a multitude of other creative areas including music, theatre, photography and film.

Jason began a career in design and photography, but as his clientele expanded, along with their requests, he realized his passions and talents were much broader and multi-faceted. MVC was born out of the need to meet his clients’ demands and his desire for a career that could grant him creative freedom across multiple platforms.

Jason’s proud lineage and imaginative spirit have propelled MVC’s success since the beginning. His cross-cultural heritage provides MVC with a globalized perspective and helped expand his client base into the Spanish speaking market. He’s been responsible for the creation or revitalization of many notable brands, including Diesel, Universal Music, Youngblood, and Emani.

A dedicated husband and father, Jason spends his spare time with his wife – MVC’s co-founder and art director, Marioly Molina, and their two beautiful children. He is actively involved in his community and coaches his son’s soccer team.

Marioly M. Molina
Marioly M. Molina

Marioly has been a key figure at MVC since its conception. She serves as MVC’s business COO and one of the company’s original lead designers.

A natural born Bolivian, she studied at the American Institute in La Paz, Bolivia’s capital, before arriving in the United States at age 21. MVC awakened her artistic desire and natural eye for beauty, driving her to become a talented designer. As MVC grew, Marioly stepped into the position of Art Director by heading key projects for fashion, music, and cosmetic clients. She translates her intuition and creative edge into a powerful visual experience with her own signature style. Her imaginative spirit and distinguished approach are integral to MVC’s original creations.

A proud mother of two, Marioly spends her free time with her beautiful family. She’s ambitious about public speaking, aiming to educate young women about the importance and versatility of women worldwide, along with the infinite potential within themselves.