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Innovative Branding and Stellar Results from MVC Identity Studio and Design Firm

BHC Construction Management had a longstanding reputation for quality and excellence in the business of pre-construction, building, construction site coordination and management, and architectural designing services. But it had outgrown its marketing identity and needed to move forward with an innovative branding strategy that included an online presence. That’s when the company chose MVC as its branding agency.

To start with, MVC put its talent to work for BHC as a corporate identity designer team that listens to the client and then expresses their vision with clarity and eloquence. The Los Angeles branding agency created an entirely new website. They positioned BHC with a bolder message that showcased its high-end work. They used innovative branding to resonate with the luxury lifestyle market, and they showed customers the commitment of BHC to deliver both peace of mind and quality of life throughout the entire construction process.

To achieve those goals, the corporate branding agency came up with multidimensional strategies that helped to holistically recreate BHC’s overall image and make it more modern and relevant. The MVC identity studio and design team presented BHC with a new, sleek logo, for example, and created visual and written content that enhance the way that BHC shared its core values and business philosophy with customers and potential partners.

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The innovative branding makeover included a new tagline,  “Building quality of life,” and an intuitively navigated website that raised awareness of BHC across a broader market and a more contemporary platform. The logo and new site bolstered the BHC image by communicating sophistication and an understanding of the upscale, custom construction market and affluent consumer mindset.

Experience shows, however, that the proof of a corporate branding agency or innovative branding approach is whether or not it produces measurable outcomes that actually contribute to the bottom line in a practical way. MVC once again stood above the competition in that respect, because immediately after BHC rolled out its innovative branding it gained prominent industry attention and quickly secured one of the largest and most lucrative projects in its history.

With the help of MVC, BHC was selected to construct not just one, two, or a few houses, but an entire community of luxury homes. That’s what clients really want – a brand and image solution that doesn’t just work well but more than pays for itself in the process. Now that beautiful community stands as a living and highly visible example of the creative expertise of BHC, while it also speaks volumes about the talented and innovative branding team at award-winning MVC.

Los Angeles is a competitive city, and to stand out in that glamorous town you need a Los Angeles branding agency that thinks differently. MVC doesn’t go out of its way to be unique, it just has that rare and gifted identity as an innovative branding studio and design firm. As it turned out, the collaboration with MVC was exactly what BHC wanted to retain the quality and mutual trust  it had built with clients and colleagues while communicating its core values, goals, and ideals in a new way.