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Born in a Revolution

Founded in 1998 by Jason Pires, MVC was originally called Modern Visual Communication. Pires’ original vision was to create a business that allowed him to fully express his creative talents and vision. He soon realized that he had a rare ability to help communicate client values from both a visual and foundational perspective, which prompted the company’s expansion.

How we Evolved

MVC started as a multi-media design firm that was unbound by medium, using the full force of technology to creative modern, truly relevant and progressive work across multiple platforms. While creating logos and print communications, MVC also focused on employing then cutting-edge technological innovations including interactive CD-Roms, DVDs and the newborn Internet. As the technology changed and matured, so too did MVC, continuing to develop fully unbound brands and environments that interact with people in a natural and personal way, where one influences the other, naturally orchestrated.