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MVC: One of the Most Creative Branding and Advertising Agencies in Los Angeles

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SIA Creative Awards 2013 Winner

MVC is just of one of many creative agencies in the Los Angeles area, but the company enjoys a worldwide reputation for professional excellence and stellar results. The key to the boutique advertising and branding agency’s success is that it abides by the same principle that it emphasizes when representing its clients. MVC nurtures a passionate commitment to its core values but the agency is also simultaneously energized by an enthusiastic embrace of positive change within the contemporary marketplace.

Some companies cling too long to a stagnant tradition and become unconsciously swept away into obsolescence as the world around them grows in new directions. They are rooted in fundamentals, but they allow their foundation to weigh them down. They are proud of their history, and rightfully so, but wind up living in the past rather than progressing into the future.

Logo Redesign Category
SIA Creative Awards 2013 Winner

Others blindly chase innovative trends at the risk of losing their own genuine identities. Their worth diminishes because they lose touch with their own set of fundamental values by trying to adopt the styles and standards of others. Drifting away from what motivates and distinguishes them on an internal level, their outward brand and image becomes murky, unfocused, and generic.

Meanwhile MVC and its clients prefer to actively engage with an ever-changing world while maintaining a clear-eyed understanding of what it is they stand for, believe in, and want to be. That enables their brands to continually develop to meet the fresh demands of discriminating and well-informed customers. It also gives them the leadership strength and credibility to generate ongoing loyalty even as they forge ahead into new, sometimes uncharted territory. But stepping outside of the familiar is the basis of all creativity and growth and going beyond the cozy comfort zone is how companies increase their vital market share and pervasive influence.

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Companies that become too comfortable soon become complacent. They lose their edge, because the environment within which we all exist is organic, interactive, and always in a state of flux. Like everything that lives and breathes, the marketplace is never homogenous or static but is always redefining itself with a restless impatience that pulses 24/7. To keep up with those changes companies need brands that don’t just announce themselves but constantly integrate and reintegrate themselves into the fabric of the customer’s own unique lifestyle evolution.

The MVC team thinks differently, not in any kind of overt or convoluted attempt to be unconventional but just because its vision is its own and its process is never redundant or formulaic. What MVC does and how it creates depends entirely upon its symbiotic relationship with its individual clients and their goals and needs. Together they form a partnership and stimulate a conversation about what they believe, want, and have to offer to the world. Then the talented and resourceful team at MVC conveys those shared ideas to the customer by carefully crafting a one-of-a-kind branding voice, designing compelling visual imagery, and connecting in ways that resonate on a deeper level.