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Corporate Branding Agency MVC Produces Stunning Digital Catalogues for Fashion Brand Diesel

MVC is a Los Angeles branding agency, identity studio, and design firm. If you need a corporate identity designer or corporate branding agency to promote your company – or you want a Los Angeles branding agency to provide identity studio and design services elsewhere – MVC is the right choice.

MVC collaborated with the highly respected and forward-thinking Diesel brand, for instance, when Diesel needed a special concept to launch a great new line of footwear. The project was a great honor for MVC, and it turned out to be wonderfully rewarding and invigorating for Diesel, as well. Every time a company rolls out a new fashion collection – especially in a niche as competitive and fast-moving as footwear – it needs to support that launch with a highly resonate, engaging, interactive marketing campaign. The concept has to be memorable, fun, stylish, and rich – both in terms of its visual magnetism as well as its conceptual aesthetics and written messaging.

The presentation has to be a knock-out, right from the start. Otherwise the downside risk is tremendous. Many fashion companies have had great new products, for example, that never sold because the corporate identity designer failed to connect with the consumer. Each time you offer your customers a new line of clothing, it is like opening a new store or coming up with a new corporate identity. The fashion line itself requires its own distinct identity package design and other corporate identity services so that it can stand apart from the fierce competition. Meanwhile you have to ensure that the new and different image that distinguishes it in the marketplace is still creatively tethered to the overall brand. If not you can actually alienate the customer because your new shoe line doesn’t mesh as it should with your worldwide brand.

A company like Diesel needs the cream of crop in terms of the identity studio design and corporate branding agency it chooses, because there is no room for mistakes when the success of an entire iconic company’s status and identity may be riding on that newly conceived branding identity design. That kind of pressure is enough to put many ad agencies into a panic. When tension arises, however, that usually stifles fluid creativity. Meanwhile MVC approached this unusually challenging project with professional poise and creative excitement. Each collection of footwear has its own design palette, and MVC conjured up an amazing set of image and branding tools. They included one that featured scientific illustrations of microscopic marine organisms that were inspired by that particular fashion season’s textures, colors, and designs. The final product as a lusciously engaging mixed media experience that visually fused “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea” with the high-tech digital world of virtual shopping.

Customers and potential shoppers were delighted by the digital panorama of colors, textures, and choices and the digital catalogs made by MVC were considered by Diesel to be an outstanding triumph in design, concept, and function. Visitors to the company’s website traveled into a whole new universe where their senses were stimulated and engaged and they walked away wearing fashion-forward Diesel footwear.

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