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MVC Demonstrates Why it’s Among the Top Advertising Agencies in Los Angeles

Global Brand Marketing (GBM) had licensed a number of brands that GBM was thinking of launching or reintroducing to the lucrative American marketplace. One of those was their popular Dry Shod Footwear line, which has been a big success in Europe but has not yet been tried in the United States. The creative team at MVC distinguishes itself as a top advertising agency that Los Angeles companies as well as national and international brands can depend on for exciting, profitable results. So GBM hired MVC for this new and rather challenging creative design agency undertaking.

There were two obvious obstacles that the ad agency in Los Angeles needed to confront with some innovative creative solutions that might stump and frustrate less capable Los Angeles advertising agencies.  First, GBM needed to break into the highly competitive and somewhat saturated American market for shoes by launching in such a way that the brand’s history of European and international success could be replicated and leveraged. Next, MVC would have to ensure that the new demographic of United States consumers were not just targeted but interactively engaged. The ad campaign had  to nurture a dynamic relationship with GBM focused on a dialog about the Dry Shod footwear products, brand, and image. From GBM’s perspective the best way to accomplish that was through an online presence based on a great new website.

GBM provided the web advertising agency with a half-page creative brief. It is indeed rare for a creative design agency, package design agency, or web development and advertising firm to effectively initiate a highly effective campaign with just a half page of information. But unlike many Los Angeles advertising agencies, MVC loves to take the seed of an idea and the vision of its clients and grow that into something that is truly unique and memorable.

MVC built a functional flash graphics website that showcased the Dry Shod brand while conveying an elegant, upscale sensibility. The site was both intuitive and content-rich, with a user-friendly interface that subtly informed the consumer through interactive engagement highlighting Dry Shod’s features and benefits. The site emphasized Dry Shod as an international brand while it simultaneously evoked the finer things in life – including branded footwear. The campaign once again demonstrated why MVC is widely regarded as one of the top advertising agencies in Los Angles and around the world.

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The Dry Shod taste-based branding and image building campaign stands out as a model for advertising and website creativity within the luxury lifestyle market genre, and it encompassed both online and offline promotion of the top-shelf GBM brand. The plan to put Dry Shod on shelves across the United States did not materialize into an actual launch of the brand because of a change in strategy within GBM. But the campaign that was put together by the MVC team does still represent a powerfully effective and elegantly executed portfolio of work. The Dry Shod website serves as a great model of website advertising done by one of the top advertising agencies and branding studios in America.

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